The City of DinĀ 

It is the second year of High King Adir's rule. Since the death of the first great king of mortals, High King Eodus, the new monarch has turned his sights towards avenging those that were lost in the Dawn War. Life as we know it has been radically altered. Demons and devils now have cults lying in wait for the return of the new overlords, practicing their foul black magics and dark rituals. Dragons have awoken from their slumber, giants have stepped down from their mountains, and the world of Men has stirred itself into strife and conflict.

The first decree of the new High King was the establishment of the Guilds. "Arm thyselves with trust and knowledge! The end times are behind us. Now is our time, a time where mortals govern themselves. The gods will always be powerful and merciful, but to lean so heavily on so few will lead only to ruin. In honor of the gods that have made everything, we shall make something of ourselves. Gather your weary and wounded. On this day, I declare that mortals will fill these great halls and establish themselves as heroes!"

And so the Guilds and Orders were founded. Some who had already begun to establish themselves became known as great Orders of the land, while others, under the wealth and title of the guildmasters, began to flourish. To the west, the City of Din became the waypoint for all adventurers and heroes. A beacon on the edge of the wilderness, a port along the open sea. The time is now, to carve your names into the foundation of these Guild Halls, these great pillars that will protect society for a thousand generations to come.

To Glory! To Fortune! To Adventure!

In the Lands of Altara